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Logging In

Where is the login link?

Links to all online tools can be found in the Quicklinks menu in the main header of all Isothermal Community College's web pages.

E-Mail, Patriot Port, and Moodle: User Name and Password Guide

What you need to know first:

To log in to your account, start by selecting the Quicklinks tab in the top right-hand corner of the Isothermal homepage. Then select Student/Employee Login. You will need to enter your Isothermal email address and password to sign in. The format for your username and password follows this scheme:

Username Format:
First letter of your first name
Full last name
Last 4 digits of your Student ID Number
Example Username:

Password Format:
First two letters of first name, with the first letter capitalized
First two letters of last name, not capitalized
An Asterisk *
Last four digits of Social Security Number
Example Password: Jopu*1234

Once you have entered your login information, the applications page will be displayed. From here, you can access your Patriot Port, Moodle, and Outlook accounts.

Note: Login formats are not the same for international students. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance.