Isothermal Community College

Office of Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Step One - Residency 

Step Two – Application 

  • Submit an application to the Admissions Office through CFNC.
  • Once on the page, use the same username and login that you did for RDS in Step 1 Residency. For your convenience, these systems are linked and use the same profile information.
  • Continue with the application.
  • You have completed the application when all the checkmarks appear on the left-hand side and you have used the SUBMIT button.
  • Once you have successfully completed the application, you will immediately receive an email from the Admissions team with your next steps
  • If you do not receive an email from the Admissions team, please review your application and complete all missing information until all the checkmarks appear on the left-hand side and you are able to use the SUBMIT button.
  • If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us by phone at 828-395-4193 or by email at
  • We look forward to assisting you!
Academic semesters are defined using the general timelines listed below. For the most current dates for your preferred academic year, please refer to the College Calendar. Also, note that there may be shorter terms within the full semester to best meet the needs of our students.
Fall: August 15 – December 31
Spring: January 1 – May 15
Summer: May 16 – August 14

Step Three – Transcripts 

  • Most programs require an official high school transcript. You may be able to request an official high school transcript through the CFNC application. If not, contact your high school. For GED or Adult High School transcripts order from Diploma Sender and send to You can verify if it was received through your Patriot Port under my documents.
  • Official college transcripts are required if you wish to receive transfer credit or be waived from the placement test.

Step Four – Placement Test

Perhaps you won't have to take the placement exam; check below to see if your placement test can be waived:

  • The placement test (or parts of it) can be waived with the following:
    • High School transcript (no more than 10 years old) will place you in appropriate classes. (The State may allow us to evaluate transcripts older than 10 years old, giving us more leeway with COVID- 19. Updates to come.)
    • Previous ASSET, Compass, or Accuplacer scores no more than 10 years old
    • ACT Scores (English = 18+, Math = 22+, Reading = 21+) (no more than 10 years old)
    • SAT Scores from March 2016 and future: (Evidence-based Reading and Writing = 480+, Math = 530+) (no more than 10 years old)
    • Previous English and math college courses (must be evaluated by ICC) with an official college transcript
  • If you would like to be evaluated for a waiver, please have official copies of your high school transcript and/or previous testing or courses sent (in a sealed envelope from issuing institutions) to the Admissions Office at Isothermal Community College, PO Box 804, Spindale, NC 28160 or 
  • If you have taken English and math classes at Isothermal Community College in the past, contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-4193 to inquire about whether you qualify for a waiver.
  • Unless you graduated from high school more than 10 years ago, or have a foreign high school transcript, chances are you will not have to take the placement exam. You can also opt-out of the exam and take transitions courses with your college-level English and math classes. Our academic advisors are happy to talk to you about your options. If needed, sschedule your placement test once all the relevant documents mentioned above are received at Isothermal Community College.

Find out more about our placement testing process.

Step Five – Registering for Class(es)

If you are a new student, submit your official high school transcript. You can make an appointment to meet with your advisor at any stage of the enrollment process. You can register for classes after the above criteria are met. 

If you have registered/paid for classes, then you are ready to begin attending classes when the new semester begins.

Make an appointment with your advisor to get registered for classes as soon as possible. Please contact the administrative assistant of your division to find out when the next registration period is for new students.

  • Business Sciences – Tammy Fowler 828-395-1414
  • Arts & Sciences – Jennifer Henson 828-395-1301
  • Applied Sciences & Engineering Technology – Kathy Franklin 828-395-1441
  • Health & Public Services - Brenda McFarland 828-395-1668

If you do not know in which division your program resides, please contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-4193 or We will be happy to direct you to the appropriate location.

New students at Orientation

Step Six - Orientation

For more information on mandatory orientation select this Orientation Link.

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid requires a separate application and supporting documents. To apply for financial aid, a student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at; If you need assistance completing this application or computer access, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 828-395-4198. Also, please be aware that if you want your financial aid to be available to cover your tuition when you register, you need to apply early. Otherwise, you may have to pay tuition out of your own pocket and seek your reimbursement through whatever aid you qualify for at a later date.

Also, if you have been deemed out-of-state for tuition purposes by the Admissions Office, your financial aid award will be based on out-of-state rates and you will need to be prepared to make up any tuition difference out of your own pocket at the time you register.