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Scavenger Hunt

Let's go outside!


As you are out and about, take along this photo scavenger hunt. Snap pics of the listed items below with your phone or iPad. You might just learn a little more about your home state of North Carolina!

Download a printable version


  • A fence
  • An animal track
  • A Cardinal (NC State Bird)
  • Flowering Tree
  • A pine tree (NC State Tree)
  • An airplane
  • A small insect
  • A leaf
  • An interesting view of the sky
  • The prettiest rock you can find
  • A gray squirrel (NC State Mammal)
  • A house
  • Another person's hand
  • An animal's home
  • A box turtle (NC State Reptile)
  • Some berries
  • Something gold (NC State Mineral)
  • A sweet potato (NC State Vegetable)
  • A Dogwood tree blossom (NC State Flower)
  • A flock of birds
  • Something red and blue (NC State Colors)

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