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Technical Requirements for Online Learning

To be successful in taking online courses, students should:

Be able to perform basic computer operations such as:
  • Copying, saving, moving and deleting files on your computer
  • Installing new software
  • Using a web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer
  • Using word processing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Using email for communication and to exchange files
Have access to:
  • A computer with Internet connection (or be able to come to campus computer labs)
  • Email. Isothermal Community College provides student email accounts to all curriculum students
  • Required software. This will vary by course - check with your instructor. Nearly all courses will require common software such as browser software (Firefox or Chrome) and word processing software (Microsoft Word)

NOTE: While even very old computers may be able to connect to the Internet, many machines more than three to four years old may not be able to run required software. Check with your instructor if you think your computer may be unable to run special software required for some courses.