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Are you looking for an organization to join? Let’s get you involved! Clubs and organizations at Isothermal Community College demonstrate interest and cultivate awareness in many areas such as culture, student writing, various professions, and special interests. If you have an idea for a new organization, visit the Student Activities Office in the Student Center Lobby to make your idea a reality.

Chartered Clubs and Organizations

(Clubs and organizations that may receive funding from the SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a long-standing organization with Isothermal Community College that seeks to serve as the voice for Isothermal students and channels communication between clubs, organizations, and College personnel. Students actively involved in the SGA learn leadership development skills, sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking, and contribute to creative endeavors.

Advisor: Laura Horbal Email:
Phone: 828-395-4196 Office: Student Activities Office, Student Center Lobby


The Anuran is the College's annual literary journal. It is designed as a published collection of poems and essays, the culmination of a yearly poetry and essay contest drawing on the talents of Isothermal and the surrounding communities.

Advisor: Erin Balmer Email:
Phone: 828-395-1617 Office: Administration 201F

Advisor: Matthew Humphries Email:
Phone: 828-395-1620 Office: Administration 201H

Cosmetology Club

The Cosmetology Club provides activities relevant to the changing fashion industry and to bring to the campus outstanding artists in all aspects of the field of Cosmetology. Information about career opportunities is provided for those just entering the field.

Advisor: Connie Toney Email:
Phone: 828-395-1439 Office: Cosmetology Lab

Foothills Nursing Consortium Student Nurses' Association

The Foothills Nursing Consortium provides programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns and to aid in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.

Advisor: Marian Price Email:
Phone: 828-395-1769 Office: Rutherford Learning Center

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program gives all students an opportunity to engage in various programs of physical activity, such as basketball, softball, tennis, golf, badminton, volleyball and swimming.

Advisor: Kenneth Hines Email:
Phone: 828-395-4232 Office: Gym/Student Center Lobby

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

The National Technical Honor Society recognizes achievement in career and technical education.

Advisor: Tiffany Cooper Email:
Phone: 828-395-1638 Office: Business Sciences 110

Advisor: Sarah Kilgo Email:
Phone: 828-395-1526 Office: Business Sciences 123

Phi Beta Lambda Business Society

Phi Beta Lambda is a non-profit educational association and membership is open to any student enrolled in a business or business-related field.

Advisor: Rebecca Haney Email:
Phone: 828-395-1305 Office: Business Sciences 103

Advisor: Katlin Mitchell Email:
Phone: 828-395-1423 Office: Business Sciences

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for junior colleges recognizes students of top academic standing.

Advisor: Erin Balmer Email:
Phone: 828-395-1617 Office: Administration 201F

Student Practical Nurses' Club

The Student Practical Nurses' Club promotes a professional and social atmosphere for students in the LPN program and also to enhance character and professionalism in men and women.

Advisor: Carole Koehler Email:
Phone: 828-395-1647 Office: Rutherford Learning Center

Advisor: Erin Maietta Email:
Phone: 828-395-1446 Office: Rutherford Learning Center 302B

Uncommon Leaders Club

The Uncommon Leaders Club seeks to empower, support, and embolden men of color to establish strong foundations for success as they work toward achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals by building upon achievements, utilizing campus/community resources, and expanding encouraging relationships.

Advisor: Kenneth Hines Email:
Phone: 828-395- 4232 Office: Student Center 18D

Non-Chartered Clubs and Organizations

(Clubs and organizations that are recognized but are not eligible for funding from the SGA)

Achieving Connection Through Service (ACTS)

Advisor: Joel Ekstrom Email:
Phone: 828-395-1635 Office: Student Center 18C

Book Club

Advisor: Jeremy Burris Email:
Phone: 828-395-1467 Office: Administration 210B

Computer Design and Photography Club

Advisor: Zachary Freeman Email:
Phone: 828-395-1534 Office: Communications Building

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Thomas Tarker Email:
Phone: 828-395-1448 Office: Applied Sciences 1H

Entrepreneur Club

Advisor: Rick Childress Email:
Phone: 828-395-1641 Office: Business Sciences 107

Patriot Debate Team

Advisor: Melissa Johnson Email:
Phone: 828-395-1524 Office: Business Sciences 101

Advisor: Andrew Bradshaw Email:
Phone: 828-395-1646 Office: LifeLong Learning Center

RPM/Machining Club

Advisor: Jeff Waters Email:
Phone: 828-395-1409 Office: Machining Technology

The Leadership Academy (ICC-GWU Partnership)

Advisor: Mark Franklin Email:
Phone: 828-395-1677 Office: The Foundation

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

Advisor: Sarah Morse Email:
Phone: 828-395-1763 Office: The Foundation

Welding Club

Advisor: Nathan Fisher Email:
Phone: 828-395-1515 Office: Welding Shop