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Campus notifications

Want text alerts about emergencies and closings?
Text "isothermal" to 888777

For help, reply HELP to 888777. To cancel, reply STOP to 888777. No charge, but Msg & Data rates may apply. Msg freq varies. AT&T, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Verizon Wireless & most carriers supported.

Nixle is a communications tool used by Isothermal to communicate via email and text messages to better inform our students about campus safety alerts and warnings. We encourage all staff and students to participate. Please regularly check to ensure your preferred email and mobile phone numbers are current.

You may receive email and/or text messages if there is:

  1. An imminent, life-threatening emergency
  2. Campus closings due to emergency situations threatening the safety and security of Isothermal locations
  3. Closings or delays due to inclement weather
  4. A major chemical spill
  5. An armed or dangerous person on campus

During an emergency incident, Rutherford County Communications and/or Isothermal officials will seek to alert the campus community through at least one or all of the following methods, depending on the severity of the incident:

Outdoor Warning System (Rutherford Campus Only):

An emergency warning may be broadcasted over the tower if there is an imminent, life-threatening emergency such as a weather-related emergency issued in the close vicinity of the College, a major chemical spill, or an armed or dangerous person on campus.

An emergency tone will sound, followed by a message describing the type of emergency and the necessary actions to be taken immediately. Should an emergency warning be broadcasted, take the following steps: 

  1. Listen carefully to the tower message and any Isothermal personnel’s directions.
  2. Take immediate action to ensure your safety. See “Basic Emergency Procedures” below for more information.
  3. Stay secure until an all clear message is communicated. 
  4. The outdoor warning system is intended for outdoor use only; instructions from this system may not be clearly heard inside a building on Rutherford campus.

Fire Alarms (Rutherford Campus and Centers):

In the event of a fire, the fire alarm will sound indicating the need to evacuate a building. Also, an emergency warning may be broadcasted over the tower. Should a fire alarm sound, take the following steps:

  1. Once a fire alarm sounds, evacuate and move away from the building.
  2. Remain out of the building until an all clear notification is given by campus personnel. Do not re-enter the building unless advised to do so.
  3. Never assume it is a false alarm and stay in the building. It is a violation of College safety protocol to not evacuate.

College Phone Intercom System (Rutherford Campus and Centers):

In the event that there is an imminent, life-threatening emergency such as a weather related emergency in the close vicinity of one of the campus locations, a major chemical spill, or an armed or dangerous person on campus, an emergency alert message may be broadcast over the phone system. The message may describe the type of emergency and the necessary actions to be taken immediately.

College Email (Rutherford Campus and Centers):

In the event that there is an imminent, life-threatening emergency such as a weather related emergency in the close vicinity of one of the college locations, a major chemical spill, or an armed or dangerous person on campus, an emergency alert message may be sent to those with college email accounts. The email may describe the type of emergency and the necessary actions to be taken immediately.

Website/Facebook (Rutherford Campus and Centers):

In an emergency situation, Isothermal will post safety-related announcements through the homepage of this site and Isothermal’s Facebook Page. Please remember that it may take time for authorities to investigate the situation, verify the facts, and provide the campus with instructions or updates. Use the 911 number for emergencies only. Do not call 911 or Campus Enforcement for general information.

An informational message will be issued via the College website if a situation is not an emergency and does not pose an immediate threat but is of significant interest to the campus. These messages are intended to inform people of a particular situation. Examples include inclement weather notifications and important announcements regarding events critical to the operation of Isothermal. An informational message will be sent via email prior to alarm testing conducted on campus.