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Report a campus concern

If you are aware of a campus crime, emergency, threat, or issue of concern, you are personally responsible for reporting information to the proper authorities.

Should you witness a crime or emergency on campus, please call 911 from a campus phone as well as Campus Enforcement at (828) 289-5850.

Do you need to report a campus concern? For example, have you witnessed behavior on campus that you would consider unconventional or bizarre? Are you aware of a student who may be considering self-harm or harm to others? This information may be reported anonymously by submitting the form below.

Please know that any information you submit will be handled confidentially with the purpose of assisting the student, faculty, or staff person you have named. Although we accept anonymous reports, we encourage you to provide your name and contact information, so that we can follow-up should we need additional information. Also, it is important that you provide as many details as possible to assist us in further exploring your concern.

Your contact information

Please use the 555-555-5555 format.

Details about your concern

Include any cell number, address, or email if known.

Be detailed as possible

Please note your specific concern and provide as many details as possible. State no if you are not concerned.