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Esthetics Technology Technical Standards

Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills

Definition of Standards:

Demonstrate Proficiency in skin care concepts and practical applications.

Ability to measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate, and produce quality information.

Demonstrate proficiency in safety/sanitation/infection control and first aid procedures.

Demonstrate proficiency in professional imaging and makeup color analysis.

Examples of Standards:

Apply information, evaluate the meaning of data and engage in critical thinking in the classroom and salon setting.

Make accurate decisions on correct product selection, formulations, timeframe, and application for conducting proper client consultation.

Competently and safely, conduct all client procedures using all sanitation and infection control procedures.

Respond appropriately to constructive feedback to gain more insight on client needs.

Communication/Interpersonal Skills

Definition of Standards:

Appropriate interpersonal interaction with other students ,faculty, staff, patients, family, and other professionals.

Effective communication with others, both verbally and in writing.

Examples of Standards:

Establish and maintain a professional relationship with clients and colleagues.

Demonstrate appropriate impulse control.

Explain treatments and interventions, document actions, record client responses to treatment in a professional manner.

Convey information in a clear, professional and timely manner.

Communicate and respond to others in an accepting and respectful manner.

Mobility/Motor Skills

Definitions of Standards:

Sufficient motor function to execute movements required to provide general care and treatment to clients in all settings.

Sufficient physical endurance to participate fully in the clinical and academic settings at an appropriate level.

Examples of Standards:

Carry out daily salon activities in the salon setting.

Manipulate equipment to perform treatments.

Participate fully in classroom activities.

Participate fully in required activities in salon including extended periods of remaining in a stationary position to be able to work on others in a simulated environment.

Lifting and or moving equipment as is reflective of the general practice of cosmetology.

Sensory Abilities

Definition of Standards:

Effectively identify  and gage client needs.

Functional sensory motor skills sufficient to provide direct services to clientele.

Tactile ability to assess client's needs.

Examples of Standards:

Ability to distinguish and assess client needs.

Observe and accurately interpret non-verbal communications.

Student can detect changes in texture of skin.

Behavioral/Emotional Skills

Definition of Standards:

Mental and emotional stability are required on a daily basis.

Examples of Standards:

Maintain a professional attitude and behavior/conduct.

Professional Conduct

Definition of Standards:

Function effectively and adapt to circumstances including highly stressful or rapidly changing situations.

Incorporate professional standards of practice into all activities.

Demonstrates integrity and accountability in salon and academic setting.

Present self in a professional manner in salon and academic settings.

Utilize computers correctly, effectively and professionally to acquire information and to communicate with others.

Examples of Standards:

Can examine and change their behavior when it interfered with professional relationships or the academic or salon/lab environments.

Maintain mature, sensitive, an effective relationships with clients, colleagues, faculty, staff, and other professionals.

Demonstrate emotional stability.

Participate fully in the theory and simulated salon setting at an appropriate level.

Engage in delivery of esthetic services in all settings and to all populations.

Work effectively with a team in an academic or professional setting.

Refrain from using profane grammar or inappropriate communications.

Adhere to sanitation standards as directed by the State Board of Cosmetic Arts and Cosmetology/Esthetic faculty.

Complete all assignments in a timely manner while adhering to the ICC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Respond positively to constructive feedback.

Complete all tests and final examinations as scheduled.

Attend theory and salon sessions following uniform policy, including appropriate hygiene with no detectable scents or odors.

Comply with cell phone usage expectations.

Comply with appropriate professional image standards for Cosmetic Arts Industry.

Use online learning platform to collect course information.