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Learning Support and Retention


What is my Career Code?  Find your Career Code using the Self-Directed Search Interest Inventory. Learn about possible majors and occupations that may be the perfect fit for you. 

Are you too stressed?  Take a stress inventory to see how stressed you are.  Find out more about stress and learn stress management strategies.   

Learning to Cope with Test Anxiety. Do you find yourself becoming extremely nervous before an exam?  Do you believe that your nervousness interferes with your ability to do as well as you would like?  Learn strategies to cope with test anxiety.

Developing Your Resume. Learn how to make a professional looking resume. Bring in a draft resume to be reviewed or start from scratch!

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Call or email  Kimberly B. Snyder, 828-395-1660 or
or come by The Office of Learning Support and Retention to reserve your seat!

Interested in learning more ways to help yourself?  

Here is a comprehensive list of self help articles.
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