Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Institutional Effectiveness

2010-2012 Strategic Planning

In an effort to accomplish Isothermal Community College’s strategic vision, the college community will:
Student Outcome: Students will obtain credentials for employment and future education

  • Student Goal: Strive to increase student retention, completion and graduation rates.
  • Goal Assessment: Graduation and completion rates, Transfer and employment rates,

The following objectives and activities have been identified as being critical to achieving this goal.

  • Student Objective #1: To improve life through learning for all Isothermal students by providing seamless transitions between each educational step
  • Student Objective #2:  To improve life through learning for all Isothermal students by providing high quality academic programs
  • Student Objective #3:  To improve life through learning for all Isothermal students by reducing barriers for student success.

Employee Outcome: Employees will grow professionally to be efficient and effective contributors to  the mission of Isothermal Community College

  • Employee Goal: To improve life through learning for all Isothermal employees by promoting professional development, collaborative decision making and a productive internal climate
  • Goal Assessment: Faculty credentials, Professional development travel, degrees earned, involvement in decision making taskforces, committees and teams, climate survey
  • Employee Objective #1: Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and fulfillment through professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Employee Objective #2: Providing tools to overcome obstacles and challenges through accessible information
  • Employee Objective #3: Creating and sustaining a participative learning environment through opportunities to engage in collaborative decision making

Organizational Outcome: Be a responsible citizen of Rutherford and Polk Counties by using resources in an effective and efficient manner and providing quality internal and external service.

  • Organizational Goal: To improve life through organizational learning through efficient resource usage and allocation and quality internal and external service
  • Goal Assessment: Budget allocated versus expenditures, Resource usage (utility cost/usage), stakeholder satisfaction, internal service satisfaction
  • Organizational Objective #1: Efficient resource usage and allocation
  • Organizational Objective #2: Quality Internal and External service

Community Outcome: Serve as a catalyst for community growth and development

  • Community Goal: To improve life through learning for the community through partnerships designed to promote pathways to higher education, skill training, and workforce development
  • Goal Assessment: Employer satisfaction, training satisfaction, focus groups and advisory committee surveys
  • Community Objective #1:  Partnerships to support higher education opportunities
  • Community Objective #2: Provide skill training for individuals and organizations
  • Community Objective #3: Provide resources and opportunities for workforce development
Policy No: 202-01-00