Isothermal Community College

Financial Aid

Important Term Information


Award Amounts

Financial aid award amounts printed on documents obtained from sources other than the Financial Aid Office (ex. student schedule) will be based on fill-time enrollment rather than actual enrollment status.  The Award Letter is the official document detailing your award.  Please note the amounts listed on your Award Letter are for FULL-TIME enrollment.  If you attend less than full-time, these amounts will be prorated.

Late Start Classes

Classes that begin later in the term (late starting classes) will be included in the student's enrollment status as long as the student was registered for the class by the semester's census date.  If for any reason the student does not begin their late starting classes, their enrollment status must be recalculated.  This could result in the student being over paid for the semester.  Overpayments must be paid back by the student immediately.  Failure to resolve an overpayment will result in the student becoming ineligible for financial aid.  Unresolved overpayments will be turned over to the U.S. Department of Education for collection which will result in the student becoming ineligible for Federal Aid at any school until the overpayment has been resolved.

Students needing to make changes to their schedule, especially late starting classes, should visit the Financial Aid Offcie BEFORE making any changes.  The financial aid staff can help the student determine what effect the change will have on their financial aid. 

State Grants

Some students may have been awarded one or more of the following North Carolina grants.

  • North Carolina Community College Grant (NCCCG)
  • North Carolina Educational Lottery Scholarship (NCELS)

Please note that the amounts listed for the grants are for FULL-TIME enrollment.  If you attend less than full time, these grants WILL BE PRORATED.  Students who elect to attend in a less than half time status will not be eligible to receive funds from these programs.  These grants are NOT awarded during the summer term.

Pell Checks

If a student has excess funds remaining on their account after all charges have been paid, the college will issue the student a check in the amount of the excess.  Please visit Dates and Deadlines for Financial Aid Disbursment dates.