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The portfolio is an ongoing assignment that should contain evidence of the learning and progress that you make in each of your courses. This assignment should be discussed in each of the classes required in your program area. Each class should have a suggested portfolio artifact (assignment) listed in the syllabus for that course.

When is the portfolio turned in?

This varies from division to division. In some areas, the portfolio is submitted in a capstone course such as World of Work, which is usually taken at the end of one’s major in the business field.

What is an artifact?

The ideal artifact includes 1) a copy of the directions for the assignment, 2) the graded assignment, 3) a graded rubric or other assessment your instructor used to evaluate the assignment, and 4) reflective commentary on what you learned from and/or accomplished by doing this assignment.


Artifact Sheet

Portfolio Assignment


Progress Survey

Sample essay 1

Sample essay 2