Isothermal Community College

Continuing Education

Farmers Adopting Computer Training

red barnFACT is a project designed to train farm families how to use computers for their farming operations so that they will become more competitive in the market place. 

Who Should Participate?

Small farmers who share what they learn with others and who will be committee to learning


Location: Life Long Learning Center - Room 208 
Date: Class offered each semester 
Days: Monday & Tuesday 
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm 



Courses Offered: 

  • Keyboarding Skills – FACT I 
  • Basic Computer Skills – FACT II 
  • Computer Empowerment – FACT III 
  • Employment Planning – FACT IV 


For More Information Contact: 

Doris Crute: 828-395-1606

Louise Toney: 828-395-1099