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Sustainability Technologies

Available Programs

Diploma and Certificate are also available in this curriculum.

Gainful Employment Information - Diploma

Program Description

The Sustainability Technologies curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for employment in environmental, construction, alternative energy, manufacturing, or related industries, where key emphasis is placed on energy production and waste reduction along with sustainable technologies. Course work may include alternative energy, environmental engineering technology, sustainable manufacturing, and green building technology. Additional topics may include sustainability, energy management, waste reduction, renewable energy, site assessment, and environmental responsibility.

Course Checklist

What fields or jobs are available for Sustainability Technologies majors?

  • Alternative energy installers (wind and solar)
  • Construction
  • Environmental services
  • Green building
  • Sustainability Coordinators

Who employs Sustainability Technologies majors?

  • Alternative Energy Firms
    • Duke Energy
    • Pike Electric
  • Construction (both new and rebuilding)
  • Energy Management
  • Waste Reduction
    • Horsehead Corporation
    • GDS

Preparing for a career in Sustainability Technologies:

The field of Sustainability Technology is new and growing. Every curriculum and every industry will have to address issues like future energy needs, ways to reduce waste, appropriate usage of renewable energy, etc. Getting grounded in the fundamentals of Sustainability will help you get ahead of the curve and land the career/job you aim for. 

Where do I find more information?

  • Learning Support and Retention Counselor - 828-395-1436
    • Assess your interest and abilities
  • Applied Sciences Department - 828-395-1441
  • Professional Organizations:  
  • Also, check out related books in the Isothermal library