Isothermal Community College

Applied Sciences and Technologies

Major Hours

  1. Core. The subject/course core is comprised of subject areas and/or specific courses which are required for each curriculum program.  A diploma program offered under an approved AAS program standard or a certificate which is the highest credential level awarded under an approved AAS program standard must include a minimum of 12 semester hours credit derived from the subject/course core of the AAS program.
  2. Concentration (if applicable). A concentration of study must include a minimum of 12 semester hours credit from required subjects and/or courses. The majority of the course credit hours are unique to the concentration. The required subjects and/or courses that make up the concentration of study are in addition to the required subject/course core.
  3. Other Major Hours. Other major hours must be selected from prefixes listed on the curriculum standard. A maximum of 9 semester hours of credit may be selected from any prefix listed, with the exception of prefixes listed in the core or concentration. Work experience, including cooperative education, practicums, and internships, may be included in associate in applied science degrees up to a maximum of 8 semester hours of credit; in diploma programs up to a maximum of 4 semester hours of credit; and in certificate programs up to a maximum of 2 semester hours of credit.
Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher (Certificate) C45390
  AAS Diploma Certificate
Minimum Major Hours Required 49 SHC 30 SHC 12 SHC


Required Courses: None

Required Subject Areas:
LPN Refresher. Select One Option.

NUR 105 Integrated LPN Refresher 12 SHC   or
NUR 106 Nonintegrated LPN Refresher 10 SHC   &
NUR 117 Pharmacology 2 SHC    or
NUR 107 LPN Refresher 12 SHC
    12 SHC


Foreign language courses (including ASL) that are not designated as approved other major hours may be included in all programs up to a maximum of 3 semester hours of credit.

Total Semester Hours
  AAS Diploma Certificate
Minimum General Education Hours 15 6 0
Minumum Major Hours 49 30 12
Other Required Hours 0 - 70 0 - 4 0 - 1
Total Semester Hours Credit in Program 64 - 76 36 - 48 12 - 18