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PNE Advanced Placement Admissions Process

Advanced Placement for PNE is only for those nursing applicants who have completed NUR 101 Practical Nursing I, NUR 102 Practical Nursing II, or at least 11 comparable nursing course credit hours. Applicants who are not currently enrolled in nursing courses or who have not completed nursing courses within the previous two years are ineligible for admission as an advanced placement student and should consider applying for general admission to the PNE program. 

Application Process 

  1. Applicants are required to print and review the Advanced Placement Admission Packet for information and respective submission deadlines. Applicants are required to provide proof of previous nursing classes completed from the awarding institution (official transcripts). In order to receive a PNE Diploma from ICC, students must earn 50% of the credits required for graduation (24 of 48 hours) in their particular program at ICC (see College catalog sections—awarding of credit and graduation requirements.
  2. Applicants are required to complete two entrance exams prior to the semester requested to enter: a MATH COMPETENCY EXAM; and a NURSING CONTENT EXAM. Applicants must pass each exam with an 80 or higher to be considered for acceptance into the PNE program as an advanced placement student.
  3. Applicants are required to submit three Reference Forms—printed from the ICC PNE website. These are to be completed only by teachers or employers. 

Acceptance into the PNE program

  1. Accepted students are required to be listed on North Carolina NAI registry by the first day of class and remain listed throughout the program.
  2. Accepted students are required to complete and pay for the following background items:
    • Criminal Background Check (Statewide Criminal NC; Residency History)
    • 12 Panel Drug Test
    • Nationwide Database with Sex Offender Index

    An acceptable background check is required for clinical experiences. The background checks will be completed at the beginning of their first semester, NUR 102. Students must be able to attend clinical experiences in all agencies used by the college. Information for obtaining the background checks will be provided to all students by the Director of PNE. 

    While the above background information is not required by Isothermal Community College for either general college admission or entrance into the nursing program, students should be aware that this information will be required by the personnel department at your future clinical location.  Failure to provide this information to a clinical site in a timely fashion could result in a cancellation of your clinical site arrangements.

    (Isothermal does not have access to or awareness of the background results. Clinical agencies will notify the student directly regarding any issues with the background results.)
  3. Accepted students are required to attend a Mandatory Orientation Meeting (see admission packet for date and time).

The applicant is responsible for making sure that all requirements have been met and that all materials have been received by the Director of PNE before the deadlines noted in the advanced placement admission packet. Completion of these requirements does not guarantee that you will be accepted into the PNE program as an advanced placement student.

All applicant information must be updated annually. If you have previously applied, you must see PNE Director to re-apply for advanced placement admission.

**ANY QUESTIONS—Contact Dr. Deborah Wiltshire, PNE Director at (828) 395-1446 or by email**