Isothermal Community College

Strategic Plan 2014-16

Student Motivation

To remove barriers to college and career success, the College will engage in more active learning strategies.

What We Have Heard that Shaped This Goal
  • The Developmental Math program exceeded the state goal for student success in subsequent curriculum courses.
  • Online learners indicated a desire for more timely feedback on their progress.
  • The College was ranked a Top Performing College in Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) for Active and Collaborative Learning.
  • Performance on the Technology Skills general education competency showed a need for more instruction in writing formal emails.
  • The Student Government Association began a conversation with faculty and administration about the need for more student activities. 
What We Will Do to Achieve This Goal

Patriot's Aim Target Statement: Nurture partnerships and engage student with existing industries, especially in STEM programs

Patriot's Aim Target Statement: Expand campus life activities and service to the college community

  • Strengthen engagement with adjunct faculty and align best practices with full-time faculty
  • Offer Elizabeth Barkley’s Student Engagement Techniques for faculty learning communities to read and discuss
  • Engage student leaders in leadership conferences and activities
  • Improve student proficiency in written communication with a focus on a small group of mechanical skills and information literacy