Isothermal Community College

Strategic Plan 2014-16

Community Partnerships

To get Rutherford and Polk county residents back to work, the College will maximize partnerships.

What We Have Heard that Shaped This Goal
  • Over 1,000 sixth graders spent a day on campus on our 2nd annual Science Day
  • The region must promote and develop busienss/industry specific training that aligns with skill requirements of the current and future job markets. (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Isothermal Region. September 2012.)
  • The overall pass rates for first-time licensure test takers fell from last year
  • Equine organizations and local economic developers are exploring ways to support and encourage growth in this sector. 
What We Will Do to Achieve This Goal
  • Maintain over 200 agreements with 2012-13 Community Partners
  • Provide free and confidential one-on-one counseling services for existing and potential new business owners
  • Begin development of an equine continuing education program based in Polk County
  • Establish NC Works as the primary job placement service on campus
  • Begin a partnership with the Rutherford County Arts Council to provide hands-on learning opportunities in theatrical production